HDU Signs: Carving Out a Solid Image


Customized, carved signs lend an air of solidity, longevity, and professionalism to any business. They immediately tell prospective customers: “We pay attention to details!” Carved signs crafted from high-density urethane, or HDU, offer the aesthetically appealing, upscale look of wood but with numerous distinct advantages over natural wood signs.

HDUHDU is a scientifically engineered material specifically designed for the sign industry. It lasts up to ten times longer than wood, indoors or outdoors. HDU is “a closed cell” foam, making it 100 percent waterproof and stable over a wide rang of temperatures. It will not rot, crack, peel, bow, or decompose like solid wood. HDU is lighter than wood, which is often advantageous for suspended signs, not to mention saving on shipping costs.

Because HDU is a bit flexible, signs that are narrow and long that may be subject to extreme conditions can be reinforced for extra strength with a laminated backing board.

Wood carved signs are beautiful, but they require constant T.L.C. and an ongoing commitment to maintenance. When exterior wood signs are exposed to wet and harsh elements, fungus rot is a constant threat. The wood finish must be sealed regularly, because once the protective moisture barrier is compromised, the crumbling and decomposing begin.

Because wood is a natural material, there is often variation between boards. In extreme outdoor use, these differences in the lumber can result in warping and bowing. It is the constant environmental changes in temperature and moisture that cause the peeling and fading of the paint finish on wood carved signs.

Gold Leaf Hand-Carved Signs Reflect Well

A gilded and carved sign fabricated from HDU and finished with 23k gold leaf is the perfect way to convey that your business values integrity, high quality, and fine craftsmanship. As light reflects off the letters, numbers, and graphics, passerby eyes are drawn to the sign and its message of quality, which reflects very well on you!

We here at Sign Professionals take great pride in manufacturing custom signage from even the most farfetched ideas. We welcome you to call today at (860) 823-1122 and challenge us to provide you with the exact vision you have in mind for your unique signage needs!

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