Getting Your Campaign Message Noticed


Five Tips for a Noticeable Campaign Message.

A significant portion of your campaign budget is likely to be communicating to voters and the people who influence their decisions. Your campaign message is the most important thing that you need to get across, since you need to tell voters why they should vote for you and your policies. These five tips can help you reach more voters and get them to notice your campaign message.

1. Make plenty of yard signs availableCampaign message

Yard signs are simple and inexpensive, and they can be effective. The general goal is to “outsign” your opponents in a given neighborhood or district so that you appear to be the foregone winner and your message is more prominent.These strategies can help:

  • Ensure signs on the highest traffic intersections in the area.
  • Offer regular supporters signs as soon as you make them.
  • Recruit grassroots leaders to encourage others to put up signs.




2. Pass out promotional items

Everyone likes getting free stuff, and promotional items can help you get your message out to the public. Options can be as inexpensive as a few cents per item, and you can customize them exactly as you want. When possible, make the items relevant to the situation when you are giving them away. The following are some examples.

  • Sunblock to the crowds at a parade.
  • Can coolers or stadium cups to sports fans at a big game.
  • Reusable shopping bags to visitors to a market.
  • Stress balls to university students on campus.
  • Coffee mugs to employees at a workplace.
  • Frisbees to attendees at a free health fair.





3. Display banners prominently

Banners can be eye-catching and visible to many voters. Hanging street banners across busy streets and on light poles on high-traffic streets can help you get your message out. You can display banners on street corners, outside of storefronts, and at other venues using banner stands.

4. Take advantage of direct mail

The digital age may be here, but people still go through their mail. The following are some of the types of messages you can include on direct mailings.

  • Your biography.
  • Comparison of your position versus your opponent’s.
  • Discussion of a current issue.
  • Notification of your endorsement by a newspaper, politician or public figure.
  • Encouragement to vote





5. Pay attention to your online campaign

A campaign website is a good start. Include your biography and your position on each of the current issues in your area. Also make sure to actively manage your campaign with social media. Post on Facebook and Twitter when there are developments on these issues or the campaign, and be sure to respond to your followers, who are potential voters.

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