Expand, Inform and Attract with Yard Signs


Yard Signs

As the prevalence of digital advertising increases, one tried-and-true traditional strategy continues to gain momentum. For capturing attention and converting browsers to buyers, yard signs remain one of the most effective marketing methods available.

Marketing with yard signs is a cost-effective option that provides tangible results in a number of usage scenarios.

Multiple uses for yard signs

Realtors have long known that yard signs work. Many have used their signs to great effect in branding their businesses and even becoming local celebrities. And they’ll tell you that well-placed signs get the phone ringing.

Likewise, savvy service businesses use signs to promote the age-old concept that seeing is believing. A sign strategically placed to show off an in-progress or just-completed job serves as a testimonial for impressive construction, landscaping or other work.

Yard signs have caught on as an effective communication method for other industries in recent years. Political campaigns are savvier than ever in their use of signs, with research demonstrating the value of yard signs in building name recognition at a cost-effective price. And community organizations have discovered the effectiveness of signs for raising awareness. Whatever your business, yard signs are a sure-fire method for getting noticed.

Effective marketing with yard signs

Yard signs work well for businesses targeting local customers, and they assist in growing your brand. By displaying your logo and company name prominently, you’re increasing name recognition and recall. Displaying a sign beside work you’ve done serves to showcase your business and send a message of quality to prospective customers.

The Sign Professionals touch

Sign Professionals can help boost the marketing presence for your business with professionally produced yard signs that can include any color scheme and any image. With no set-up charges, yard signs produced by Sign Professionals are a cost-effective choice.  Call us at (860) 823-1122 to begin marketing your cause right in your own front yard!

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