Create Highly Effective Banners for your Business


Why is it important to have effective business banners?

When marketing your Connecticut business at trade shows and conventions, quality signage is a must. Highly visible, engaging banner signs can make a huge difference in your company’s success. They increase the chances of contacts from the last show seeing your booth and returning to do business again. But, in your average show, there is a lot of competition for attendees’ attention. A few ways to make¬†sure you get noticed:

BannerAsk a Question on your Banner Signs:

People come to your business to fill a need or to solve a problem. By posing a question about their business needs, you can pique their curiosity. For instance, a Norwich, Connecticut based computer networking service might ask “Is your network security keeping you safe?” Prospects will be drawn in to find out whether they need that business’s services.

Be Consistent: 

Use similar colors, fonts and graphics on all your banner signs and other booth materials. This gives your business a coherent look and helps build your brand. It also makes your booth instantly recognizable when customers see you again at future events.

Keep Things Easy to Read:

Use simple fonts and leave plenty of white space. Too much wording on a sign means that it can’t be read at a glance. Rather than stop, most trade show attendees will move on without reading.
No matter the industry of your business, the signage and displays you use can make or break your trade show success. Consider your banners carefully for betters visibility and more engagement.

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