Designing and Trademarking a Company Logo


Why is having the perfect company logo a must for your business’s success?


You company’s logo is the first impression most people will have regarding your brand. In an instant, your logo visually shares what your business is about and gives customers an image to pair with your company’s name. A great logo will help you go far in the business arena, while a poorly designed logo will neglect to impart your true message and at best send the wrong message and at worst turn off potential customers. Therefore, creating the perfect logo is vitally important for the success of your business.

Designing Your Logo:

Unless you are a creative type of person with experience in art and design, it is best to leave your logo design to the professionals. Unfortunately, that can be a bit pricey. However, the design of the “perfect” logo is worth the investment. If you don’t have the means to hire a professional advertising company, even if you wanted to, you can have a graphic design student take a shot at the design, hire a freelance designer or even have a “logo creation” contest opened to the public where you award the winner a prize and then use their creation to create your perfect logo. 

Don’t Forget to Trademark Your Logo:

Company logoYou may feel your business is too small to need to worry about trademarking your design, but every business logo should be trademarked. After all, your goal is to grow you business, and when you do become more successful and recognized, there will be people who will try to steal your logo design for various reasons. Therefore, it is best to trademark your logo design from its inception.

Having a great logo is a huge element of successful branding for your business. Remember, a well designed logo will reflect your company’s values and purpose well and will communicate a nonverbal message about your company with its presence. Therefore, take the time to make your logo perfect.

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