ADA Signage and Regulations: Is Your Business Compliant?


ADA SignageCurrent statistics provided by the United States Department of Justice show that more than fifty million Americans are currently dealing with some type of disability and the number is growing. For business owners, this data is especially significant, because many of these people are likely customers for the products or services their business provides.

Safe & Convenient Access for All Customers 

In order to ensure that disabled customers are able to safely and conveniently access businesses like yours, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses follow all applicable laws and regulations to make their establishments safely accessible to disabled patrons. In addition, the ADA requires that all compliant businesses post easily recognizable signage to this effect, yet many owners may not fully understand these posting requirements.

Disabled customers rely on compliancy signage to ensure that the business they are entering can accommodate their particular disability. For instance, a potential customer who is considered legally blind depends upon signs that use Braille or tactile lettering to find their way in businesses and other buildings.

Ensuring Basic Compliance

While business owners should refer to the ADA for exact information to ensure basic compliance with all applicable laws, here are some basic signage requirements that most businesses must observe.

  • Signage text is required to be 5/8 to 2 inches in height, plus additional space for Braille


  • Type fonts must be one approved by the ADA and tactile signage must use uppercase lettering


  • Pictograms, such as those used on restrooms must show contrast


  • Signage finishes must be non-glare


  • Signage must be mounted at ADA-specified heights, usually from 48 to 60 inches from the floor

Taking action to ensure that your business is fully compliant with ADA accessibility and signage requirements is not only smart, it is the law. Disabled customers are far more likely to frequent accessible businesses and compliancy signage is a great way to let them know your business is fully ADA accessible and ready to welcome them.

Is your business compliant with ADA signage and regulations? Contact us today for assistance in creating an easily accessible business for your customers.

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