Sue Richards

We have been customers of Sign Professionals for several years. They have provided excellent service to us on the many occasions when we were relocating or consolidating an office, or acquiring another firm and needed branded signage.

In mid-2013, it was announced that we were rebranding our company from Prudential Connecticut Realty to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. While we were required to use a national firm for most of our conversion architectural signage, the national firm was willing to accept our recommendations for vendors we had used previously and were happy with. Based on our endorsement they used their vetting process to select Sign Professionals as a subcontractor for many of our 52 locations.

During the rebranding process, there were many issues that we faced, not the least of which was completing a large scale job in a short amount of time. The people at Sign Professionals worked closely with the national vendor to complete site surveys, file for permits and get approvals, manufacture many types and sizes of signs and get them installed in a timely manner.

I am especially grateful for Sign Professionals ability to work with our corporate identity guidlines and color standards so that corporate approval became a formality rather than another obstacle. They were very sensitive to our time schedule and did everything within their control to meet our deadlines.

Aside from the huge task of rebranding, we’ve been able to work with them directly on multiple projects over the past several months. They are always happy to provide a competitive quote, work with tight time constraints and lend their knowledge of local zoning requirements to make things much easier for us. In many cases, they gave us options that allowed us to contains costs and re-utilize existing signage. They were always willing to listen to our challenges and provide advice. Sign Professional is very customer-centric and i’d highly recommend their services.


Purchasing Manager
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