Bill Starr

In my line of work things happen fast and you need to stay in tuned with your competition or you’ll get left behind.  I’m in the retail food industry where margins are low and it takes a lot of volume with little expense to turn a profit. We are constantly in need of getting our message out to our customers in a timely manner that grabs their attention.  Whether it’s in hot pricing or a new service we offer, letting our patrons know was always a challenge. After working with Dave and the Sign Professional team we were able over come those obstacles and improve our image at the same time. Dave gave us several cutting edge ideas for window decor and marketing that improved our curb appeal as well as conveyed a lower price image to by passers at the same time. One thing I appreciated about Dave, was when I needed to start a new savings card program, he took the time to study how my competition was promoting theirs and then helped us to exceed our expectations.  After several projects and as many years in the making, the Sign Professionals Team proved that they not only understand my business, but care about it too. 

( StarrWood Food Markets, LLC )