Channel Letters

View GalleryVisible by day, luminous at night, channel letters provide great depth and precision to your company’s sign.
Channel letters are also known as “internally illuminated letters”. This description says it all in that each letter is generally lit from the inside with light shining through the plastic sign face or out the back of the letter (called a halo-lit, or reverse channel letter). As is the case for most of the signs we offer, channel letters are custom made from metal and plastic, and are commonly illuminated with LED lighting (very efficient) or neon tubing.
Channel letters may be installed directly to the building facia (each letter is mounted individually) or on a raceway. A raceway is a pre-fabricated metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign. The raceway is then mounted directly to the building facia. Your type of installation may be determined by the city ordinance or building owner’s sign criteria. We can help you get the results you’re looking for.
Our channel letters are manufactured to the strictest standards, and meet all the necessary local electrical and building codes.

Types of Channel Letters

Standard Letters

Standard letters are 3 dimensional letters covered with thick plastic and illuminated from the inside.

Exposed Neon

These resemble Standard Letters but there is no plastic covering, allowing the neon to show through.


These have a solid opaque front and are illuminated from behind the letter, causing a “negative space” when illuminated at night.

  • Abbeez

    I want to thank you for the outstanding job you and your staff did outfitting our fro yo shop, inside and out!

    We came to you with our vision of what the front windows should look like and you offered up a suggested version that was so much better.

    The finished product looks amazing, and we get numerous customer comments on the appearance. Most customers are sure we must be franchise as “no independent shop could look so professional.”

    Being this was our first business venture, I also want to thank you for being timely, and meeting established installation goals. Timing the build out was a challenge and i appreciate you working within our time line.


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  • We have been customers of Sign Professionals for several years. They have provided excellent service to us on the many occasions when we were relocating or consolidating an office, or acquiring another firm and needed branded signage.

    In mid-2013, it was announced that we were rebranding our company from Prudential Connecticut Realty to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. While we were required to use a national firm for most of our conversion architectural signage, the national firm was willing to accept our recommendations for vendors we had used previously and were happy with. Based on our endorsement they used their vetting process to select Sign Professionals as a subcontractor for many of our 52 locations.

    During the rebranding process, there were many issues that we faced, not the least of which was completing a large scale job in a short amount of time. The people at Sign Professionals worked closely with the national vendor to complete site surveys, file for permits and get approvals, manufacture many types and sizes of signs and get them installed in a timely manner.

    I am especially grateful for Sign Professionals ability to work with our corporate identity guidlines and color standards so that corporate approval became a formality rather than another obstacle. They were very sensitive to our time schedule and did everything within their control to meet our deadlines.

    Aside from the huge task of rebranding, we’ve been able to work with them directly on multiple projects over the past several months. They are always happy to provide a competitive quote, work with tight time constraints and lend their knowledge of local zoning requirements to make things much easier for us. In many cases, they gave us options that allowed us to contains costs and re-utilize existing signage. They were always willing to listen to our challenges and provide advice. Sign Professional is very customer-centric and i’d highly recommend their services.


  • coventryCoventry Parks & Recreation
    1712 Main Street, Coventry, CT 06238 Phone: 860-742-4068 Fax: 860-742-8911

    In the Parks and Recreation industry, signs play a huge role in public safety and information for park-goers. Before I met Dave MacDowell of Sign Professionals, I was ordering standard pre- fabricated signs out of catalogues which were very limited in size, design and material choices. The prices I received from other local sign companies were beyond my budget, and I was rarely offered to give input into the design.

    With Sign Professionals, I was given design concepts and ideas that brought life to our boring rules and regulations signs, making them a part of the total experience people enjoy when they attend our parks and programs. Dave has demonstrated this through his love of all things Walt Disney, bringing an entertainment wow factor to his products.

    With Sign Professionals, I have never been overcharged or advised to purchase products of the wrong materials for the purpose needed. I am able to get projects completed on time, under budget with great positive feedback.

    Sign Professionals has so many capabilities for various needs from banners and posters to high quality large scale entrance signs, it is truly a one stop shopping experience. Delivery and installation are also available options that make my life easier, and save me time. The turnaround time for projects is faster than I could have imagined.

    With customers with much larger accounts than mine, he still treats me like a VIP, and goes out of his way to meet my demands. He is fun to work with and really listens. In my 30+ years of experience as a Parks & Recreation Director, and having known and worked with David for the past 20 years, I can truly recommend him without any hesitation.

    Director of Parks & Recreation
  • In my line of work things happen fast and you need to stay in tuned with your competition or you’ll get left behind.  I’m in the retail food industry where margins are low and it takes a lot of volume with little expense to turn a profit. We are constantly in need of getting our message out to our customers in a timely manner that grabs their attention.  Whether it’s in hot pricing or a new service we offer, letting our patrons know was always a challenge. After working with Dave and the Sign Professional team we were able over come those obstacles and improve our image at the same time. Dave gave us several cutting edge ideas for window decor and marketing that improved our curb appeal as well as conveyed a lower price image to by passers at the same time. One thing I appreciated about Dave, was when I needed to start a new savings card program, he took the time to study how my competition was promoting theirs and then helped us to exceed our expectations.  After several projects and as many years in the making, the Sign Professionals Team proved that they not only understand my business, but care about it too. 

    StarrWood Food Markets, LLC